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Since our founding in 1974, HTI, Inc. has provided comprehensive audiometric testing, reporting, and record keeping services to a broad range of manufacturing, processing and service sector clients including automotive, home building materials, transportation/logistics, food and beverage as well as local, state, and federal government agencies. We were one of the first U.S. companies to bring mobile, multi-station audiometric testing to the workplace, helping our clients maximize savings by minimizing employees’ time off the job.

CAOHC-certified and State of Ohio licensed audiology aides staff HTI’s sophisticated mobile testing units conducting each hearing test utilizing a computer-based, microprocessor audiometer programmed to present and record threshold values as prescribed by The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC). Microprocessor testing helps to eliminate technician fatigue and testing errors, shortcuts, and bias in tone presentation and threshold recording that may occur with manual audiometric testing. In addition, HTI offers hearing conservation training in conjunction with the audiometric testing so that employees are scheduled away from work only once for OSHA-mandated training and testing. HTI utilizes Benson Medical Instruments micro-processing audiometers. Benson Medical is the only manufacturer to include an integrated sound level meter thus ensuring and documenting compliance with OSHA’s ambient noise regulations during audiometric testing. This powerful system is incorporated into HTI mobile testing units thus ensuring effective hearing conservation programs where audiometric threshold values are not recorded at any point in time when ambient noise levels exceed compliance guidelines.

Once audiometric testing is completed, the tests are analyzed by our proprietary software – HEALTHTREND 2000™. The data is then professionally reviewed by our experienced staff audiologist, Dr. Timothy L. Rink. Dr Rink has worked for more than 40 years in industrial audiometry assisting client companies with OSHA compliant hearing conservation programs, pro-active review of audiometric records to assist with risk management of occupational hearing loss and when necessary, litigation support. Dr. Rink has authored numerous articles on occupational hearing conservation and served nationally on the Executive Council of The National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA) including recently as President of the association. He is a Certified CAOHC course director and has trained hundreds of occupational nurses and technicians in the art and science of manual and micro-processing audiometry over the past four decades.

If your company already manages an in-house audiometric testing program, we can work with your staff to provide professional oversight of the testing data, as well as accurate, consistent, computerized reporting, and record keeping. HTI can return all of your testing records in an electronic format which substantially reduces the volume of paper and dedicated storage needed to meet OSHA compliance requirements of 30-year, post-employment record retention.

In addition, HTI offers corporate program management services to clients with plants located throughout the U.S. We can coordinate audiometric testing schedules for each facility in your organization, as well as analyze, review, report, and store all test results. This service allows clients to maintain consistent reporting at each plant and uniform notification of test results to all employees. HTI’s program management service allows corporations to focus their resources on the bigger picture and not the daily activities of scheduling and testing.

At the end of each year, HTI can benchmark the incidence of standard threshold shifts at corporate, division, and plant levels. You can use this analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of your company’s hearing conservation program, and proactively identify problem areas before they become compliance issues.

HTI’s goal is to work with you. Whatever your needs, from on-site audiometric testing to corporate-wide data management, HTI will help leverage your opportunities and address your challenges.

Call us today. We will be happy to discuss your current program and provide recommendations for maintaining or enhancing it.

HTI provides comprehensive hearing conservation services, including:
Mobile, on-site testing services
Sound surveys of the workplace
Employee and management training programs
Evaluation of personal hearing protection and policies
Assistance with site specific written hearing conservation programs
OSHA and workers’ compensation litigation support
Computerized record storage
Year-end analysis and reporting
Program management of audiometric programs

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